The Comp Pinkbook lists elbow injuries as the 22nd most common injury in Maryland workers’ compensation. The book measured an 18month time period. During that period, there were 132 permanent partial disability awards for elbow injuries and 49 final settlement awards. In total, more than $2.4 million in permanency money was paid out for these injuries.

How Much is an Elbow Injury Worth?

For those 181 awards, the average permanent partial disability award was $9,610 and the average final settlement was $23,631. In permanent partial disability or PPD awards, you are, in essence, compensated for the use of either a particular body part. The average elbow disablement was 14.18%.

The value of your elbow injury case will depend, of course, on the severity of injury. In workers’ comp, it will also depend, to some degree, on multiple other factors – were there other body parts injured, were there pre-existing conditions, will the injury heal, etc.

For workers’ comp purposes in Maryland, an elbow is an arm. An arm that’s 100% disabled is worth 300 weeks of compensation, though the rate of that compensation is based on a formula, not your actual wages. That formula is available here.

Elbow + Other Injuries

The most common body part injured with elbows is, not surprisingly, the arm. Second most common is the wrist. This is followed by knee, hand and hip.

While the largest elbow injury only award was only $135,000, there were other very large awards involving the elbow as a component. These big workers’ comp awards were as follows:

The above awards are for very serious injuries. To get a better idea of the value of your claim, put some specifics into our comp calculator. The estimate might be rough, but it will help you get a very general idea. The calculator includes temporary total disability received for time missed from work, as well as the permanent partial disability award.

What’s Your Case Worth?

Numerous factors go into valuing an elbow injury case.  You can get a rough estimate of your case with our Maryland workers’ compensation calculator. Be advised: No two comp cases are the same and no two elbow injuries are the exact same.

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