MD Comp Law is a website dedicated to informing claimants or possible claimants about the workers’ compensation process.  It was created by a team of lawyers, clerks and legal professionals from Warnken, LLC, a law firm with a concentration in workers’ comp, among other things.

Located in Maryland, Warnken, LLC was established in 1992.  The initial focus was criminal law, serious injury cases, and medical malpractice.  In 1998, the firm also began to represent the Maryland Troopers Association, the largest labor organization of the Maryland State Police.  One of their needs has always been workers’ compensation.  We have continued to evolve, handling ever more comp cases and recovering benefits for our clients.

The law firm was founded by a full-time law professor and, consequently, educating our clients and the public has always been a focus.  It is important we provide as much knowledge as possible.

MD comp law’s goal is be the most comprehensive site for claimants about workers’ compensation.  We want no site to have more workers’ comp information and we aim to have the best workers’ comp calculator in the state of Maryland.  Ultimately, if you are reading this, our goal is to help you understand more.  If you have a comp question not answered by the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us how we can help you.

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