Baltimore Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Warnken, LLC serves those in need of a Baltimore workers’ comp lawyer.  Warnken, LLC has been around for more than 20 years.  We’ve been handling workers’ compensation for nearly that whole time.

Workers’ compensation is the largest component of our law firm.  We have more workers’ comp clients than any other type of client.  Nearly 100 open comp cases at any given time.  We’re big enough to have the resources you need, but small enough to actually know who you are.  You even get to speak to lawyers when you need to!  What a novel concept!

We’re so sure we are the ones to handle your workers’ comp case, we’ll even give you a list of our competitors – other workers’ comp lawyers in Baltimore.  Give them a call.  See how you feel.  Read their reviews online.  And, if you decide to go with them, we wish you the best.  If they let you down, you can switch lawyers at any time.  We’ll be here for you.


The Best Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Baltimore for You

That’s how confident we are in ourselves that we’ll be the best workers’ comp lawyer in Baltimore for you – we give you the list of our competitors below.

We will do what it takes to make you a happy client.  To reach us, go here: or call 443-921-1100.

List of Baltimore Workers’ Comp Lawyers

  • Bruce Ingerman
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Mitch Gordon
  • Marc Atas
  • Mitch Greenberg
  • Matt Grogan
  • Jim Lanier

These lawyers handle comp.  Most are located in downtown Baltimore.  Don’t hesitate to call our competitors.  In fact, we encourage it.  However, take your time making your decision about who to hire.  Don’t just hire the first Baltimore comp lawyer you talk to.  Make sure you’re comfortable.  Ask for other clients as references.  Ask how often you are able to speak to your lawyer.  Stay diligent, it’s your case.

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