Are part time employees covered under workers’ compensation in Maryland?

Yes, part-time employees are covered under workers’ compensation in Maryland.  If you are hurt at work, you are covered.

However, there are some distinctions.  Part time workers either work one job part time and don’t work the rest of the time, or work multiple jobs.  The way part time employees are treated under workers comp is different, depending on whether or not there is another job.

Either way, your medical bills are covered.

Average weekly wage is only calculated based on the job where the injury occurred.  Therefore, if you work as a bartender one night a week and break your wrist, and work as a lawyer the rest of the week, only the bartender wages count for benefits purposes.

Other factors come into play.  Is the part-time worker completely disabled?  What is the most equitable or fair result for both the injured employee and the employer?  Though part-time employees are covered under workers’ compensation, it is a complicated issue, and one where a workers’ compensation attorney can be extremely beneficial.

When using the workers’ compensation calculator for injuries at part-time employment, only enter the average weekly wage for the job where you were hurt.

Anything that can complicate a workers’ comp case, including the full-time, part-time issue, makes having a workers’ compensation attorney a good idea.

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