Are tips included in average weekly wage?

Tips are included for average weekly wage purposes.  It’s possible that the insurer will deny coverage.  If so, get a lawyer immediately.

Gratuities and tips, which are measurable in money, should be included as earnings when calculating an employee’s average weekly wage.[1] The key is to make sure there are sufficient reported earnings.  Getting paid under the table makes getting workers compensation far more difficult.

Injuries are easy to obtain in service fields that generate tips.  The most prevalent injuries for these types of employees include ‘slip and fall’ injuries from slippery floors, injuries related to repetitive motion, and carpal tunnel syndrome from recurring use of hands, arm and back.  Waiters and waitresses are also prone to back injuries caused by carrying heavy trays, moving chairs and tables, and frequent bending motions. Servers are also susceptible to burn injuries from hot plates and hot grease in the kitchen.   Further, the loud noise in the restaurant may induce hearing loss for servers.

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