Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for a Car Accident?

If you were working at the time of the car accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  If you drive for a living, were making a delivery, or simply out to pick up supplies, if you were hurt in a car accident while working – you can get comp benefits.

Subject to the going and coming rule in Maryland, you are not able to get workers’ compensation for an accident that occurred going to work or coming home from work.  However, the going and coming rule does have exceptions.  These include running a work errand on the way home, having a dual purpose in being in the car, or using a company car or company funded transportation option.

Just because you can get workers’ compensation benefits for being in an accident, doesn’t always mean that’s the more important part of the case.  You still probably want to get a car accident lawyer.  Workers’ comp doesn’t cover property damage.  You can have both a lawsuit and a workers’ compensation claim arising out of the same accident.

Use the comp calculator if you were working at the time of the accident.  Use this car accident calculator if you were going to work or coming home from work.

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