Disclosing Information About Workers’ Comp

My co- workers are asking me if I plan to file a worker’s compensation claim after my on the job injury.  Should I tell them I am considering filing?

Absolutely not! You should never discuss your workers’ compensation case with anyone, especially your co-workers. Any information you give out may be used against you later by your employer and/or their workers’ compensation carrier. You should also avoid posting anything related to your on the job injury or illness on social media such as Facebook. Workers’ compensation carriers have been known to hire private investigators to gather information on employees filing claims and use that information against them to avoid paying for their benefits or medical costs. The only exception to this rule would be the workers’ compensation attorney who is handling your case. You should feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns about your case with them.

Furthermore, it’s none of anyone’s business.  If your employer is pressuring you for the answer to the question: Are you filing for workers’ compensation; or pressuring you not to file for workers’ compensation, you should contact a lawyer immediately.  Your employer is paying workers’ compensation insurance (or certainly should be).  It is, in essence, not up to them to stand in your way.

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