The pages below constitute representative values for an array of workers’ compensation injuries.  The figures are largely based on averages from a study of more than a quarter of a million claims (284,330 to be exact).  The study of these claims produce an analysis of one and a half years worth of Maryland workers’ compensation permanency awards.  This is made up of cases that received a PPD award and cases that were settled, not to be reopened again (either for the indemnity portion, or indemnity and medical treatment).

It’s important to understand that two point.  First, these were Maryland workers’ compensation cases only.  Every state has different laws with regard to workers’ comp.  These variances in the law produce wide differences in how much compensation injured workers receive.  Second, every workers’ compensation case is different.  Even if the case is in the same state as another case, with nearly identical injuries, the differences can be large.  These factors can vary because of insurance company, insurance adjuster, and, most importantly, the lawyers.  Having a good comp lawyer is vital.


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