What Kind of Injuries are Covered by Workers’ Comp

In Maryland workers’ compensation law, virtually any injury can be covered by workers’ comp benefits.  The issue isn’t the nature of the injury, the issue is whether the injury occurred at such a time and place that allowed it to be covered by workers’ compensation.  For further information about what is deemed to be work related, please click: How Do I Know if it’s Covered by Workers’ Comp.

As for the actual injury, again, it can be nearly anything.

Workers’ Comp Benefits for:

In addition to acute injuries, often, over time, conditions begin to develop.   Generally, such conditions are referred to as occupational diseases.  Some examples of occupational diseases are listed below.

Working conditions and work sites are common causes of workplace injuries or occupational diseases.  Some typical situations we have seen are below.  Most occur with regularity.

High risk industries and professions include the following:

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