Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Co. is Soon to Be the Largest

In 2012 and for the better part of 2013, IWIF is the largest workers’ compensation insurance provider in the state of Maryland.  However, in October of 2013, claims that were formerly filed against the Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund now to be filed against the Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Co.

Filing a Chesapeake Employers Workers Comp Claim

What changes actually exist when filing a claim with Chesapeake remain to be seen.  In all likelihood, the distinctions will be small.  Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund does move from being a state run agency to being a private, albeit not for profit insurance company.  This has significance for their business, but probably not much significance for the injured worker.  In theory, some might believe it will be tougher to get medical treatment approved.  Again, it remains to be seen.  Chesapeake will still function as the workers’ comp insurer of last resort.

Don’t Forget – Chesapeake is still a Workers’ Comp Insurance Company

If you are an injured worker, they are not your friend.  (Soon to be) Chesapeake’s goal is to take care of injured workers without paying too much.  The insurance company always wants to look out for their own interest and own pocketbooks.  They have to do this.  That’s why having a workers’ compensation attorney on your side is so beneficial.

Iwif has a staff of Attorneys – Chesapeake will too

Do you need an attorney when dealing when Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Co.?

Simply ask yourself, why do they have so many lawyers?  Yes.  You should have an attorney when dealing with Chesapeake or IWIF or whatever workers’ comp insurance company with whom you are dealing

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