Alaska Workers’ Compensation

The Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation handles workers’ comp claims in AK.  It is a division of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  The website can be found here: AK Workers’ Comp.

Industry in Alaska

According to Alaska reported statistics and reports, major industries including oil production, mining, commercial fishing, tourism, seafood processing, and construction.  The panhandle produces industry and jobs such as tourism, financial services, legal, manufacturing, and more.  Miners make the most, followed by construction.  Workers’ comp for miners in AK, as well as workers’ comp for construction are big issues.

Estimate the Value of an Alaska Workers’ Compensation Claim

A good workers’ compensation lawyer in Alaska can provide an estimate of the value of a workers’ comp claim in Alaska.  The reason is experience.  Experience and quality usually go hand in hand.  A good lawyer AK workers’ comp lawyer is more familiar with the process, the laws, the Commission, the insurance companies, the employers, and so forth.  The more similar cases the comp lawyer has had, the better the results they will likely obtain for you.

However, always remember that an estimate of a workers’ compensation claim is just that – an estimate.  The specifics can vary widely, based on many factors.  In choosing a comp lawyer, ask questions relating to your case and ask questions about medical benefits, lost wages benefits, permanent disability and vocational rehab.  The lawyer should genuinely care and have a vested interest in getting you whole again.

One quality Alaska workers’ comp attorney is Keenan Powell.  She has been helping injured workers in Alaska for over 25 years.  Her website is here: Alaska Workers’ Comp Attorney.  She can both estimate the value of your claim and help you to obtain maximum recovery.

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