Arizona Workers’ Compensation

In Arizona, workers’ compensation law involves the Industrial Commission.  The Commission is an AZ state agency that deals with the health and safety of Arizona employees.  They administer state workers’ comp laws and conduct hearings – the hearings that play a part in determining benefits for injured Arizona workers.  There are five commissioners who administer the commission’s hearings.  A good Arizona workers’ comp lawyer will understand how to deal with this State agency and will have experience in doing so.

The Arizona State Compensation Fund

Businesses (employers) need to be able to provide for injured workers.  The AZ State Compensation Fund partners with policyholders to ensure Arizona businesses provide for their employees and comply with their obligations regarding workers’ compensation.  They are the leading workers’ compensation insurance organization in Arizona.  In 2009, they paid out over $300 million dollars in benefits and medical expenses.

Arizona Industrial Commission

In 2009, just over 100,000 claims were processed in Arizona by the Industrial Commission of AZ.  In addition to handling standard injury claims, the organization handles occupational health and safety, trying to ensure safe working conditions.  They also deal with uninsured claims, vocational rehabilitation, and insolvent insurance companies.  With locations in Phoenix and Tucson, the commission handles Phoenix workers’ compensation, Tucson workers’ compensation, and comp cases from around the state.  A lawyer representing claimants should have extensive knowledge of the commission.

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A good Arizona workers’ comp lawyer should have experience, know the ins and outs of notice, injury types, hearings, filing claims, repetitive injuries, permanent disability, and average monthly wage calculations.  They should also be able to estimate the value of your Arizona workers’ comp claim to some degree.  Of course, the amount you will recover varies dramatically based on the given facts of your case.  Finding an Arizona workers’ comp lawyer involves doing careful research.  Don’t feel you have to settle for someone with whom you do not feel comfortable.

We Recommend Avery Crossman, Esq. of the Crossman Law Offices

Avery Crossman’s law firm has over 60 years of experience in workers’ compensation.  As stated above, experience is one of the crucial factors in this area of the law.  Her office is located in Phoenix, though she doesn’t just handle Phoenix workers’ comp cases, she takes cases from around the state of Arizona.  There is an incredible amount of useful information at her firm’s website.  If you are injured in AZ, review the info and give Avery a call.

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