California Workers’ Compensation

In California, the Division of Workers’ Compensation handles the administration of CA workers’ comp claims.  The DWC operates both administrative and judicial functions in order to maintain an efficient and fair workers’ comp process.  The DWC is part of the Department of Industrial Relations.

CA DWC Offices

The DWC is headquartered in Oakland.  There are regional offices in 24 other locations.  All major cities have a site with judges and administrative personnel.

California State Compensation Insurance Fund

The state fund is the leading workers’ comp insurance provider.  They essentially play the role of insurer of last resort.  Companies must carry workers’ compensation insurance, or be able to self insure.  Most states, therefore, have a final option that will guarantee coverage.  The CA state fund is headquartered in San Francisco, but has 15 additional local offices.  They have over 180,000 California businesses holding policies.

California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

There are a number of workers’ comp firms that handle comp throughout the state.  However, there are also numerous practitioners concentrating in one metro area, big or small.  In choosing California comp lawyers, you should look for experience, knowledge, and a concentration in workers’ comp.  Ideally, you would deal with someone with the ability to estimate workers’ compensation claims in California.  This shows both knowledge and experience.

Estimate the Value of a Workers’ Compensation Claim in California

The reason the ability to estimate the value of a California workers’ compensation is so important because it reveals the CA workers’ comp lawyer’s knowledge of the subject.  For instance, an attorney practicing exclusively criminal law would not know how to value a California workers’ comp case.  There are numerous ins and outs of workers’ comp law.  The ability to estimate the value of a claim sets apart the pros from the pretenders.

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