Connecticut Workers’ Compensation

The governing entity for Connecticut workers’ compensation is the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  CT comp benefits, like most states, consists of temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, medical benefits, and permanent partial disability.  Connecticut workers’ comp also has “relapse or recurrence,” discretionary benefits, and job retraining (vocational rehab).

Temporary total disability benefits in Connecticut are easy to estimate.  They equal 75% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage for the previous 52 weeks.  The maximum compensation rate in 2010 was $1134 .  Temporary partial disability benefits are calculated by the difference in wages between what you were earning and what you are currently earning via a part-time job or lighter duty.

Permanent partial disability benefits in Connecticut are calculated according to a specific schedule depending on which body part was injured.  Each injury equals a specific number of weeks of pay.

There are specific benefit types for death (survivor benefits), recurrence or relapse of injury, wage differential benefits (between what you earned and what you will now earn as a result of the new capacity for work),

In Connecticut, the Independent Medical Exam (IME) is now called the Employer’s/Respondent’s Examination.  CT is one of the few states that actually acknowledges that this exam is not independent.  Part of the reason the state choose to do it this way is because there is an actual commissioner’s exam.

Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

There are a number of workers’ comp firms that handle comp throughout the state.  There are also CT comp lawyers who concentrate  in one region.  When talking to a Connecticut comp lawyer, you should seek experience, knowledge, and a concentration in workers’ comp.

Estimate the Value of a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Connecticut

You should deal with an attorney who has the ability to estimate workers’ compensation claims in Connecticut.  This shows both knowledge and experience.  The reason the ability to estimate the value of a Colorado workers’ compensation is so important: It reveals the CO workers’ comp lawyer’s knowledge of the subject.

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