Delaware Workers’ Compensation

In Delaware, the Department of Labor, in particular the office of Workers’ Compensation serves to administer claims and handle workers’ comp accidents and illnesses.  Ultimately, benefits are paid by workers’ compensation insurance companies, not via this state agency.  However, administrative agencies throughout the country, one in each state, need to handle the administrative aspects of claims.  The office of workers’ compensation is headquartered in Wilmington with offices in Newark and Milford.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A good Delaware workers’ comp lawyer should know about issues such as medical benefits, wage benefits, and permanent impairment benefits, among other things.  They should be able to handle cases in court and administratively.  Something, in particular, to look for, is how well their staff knows workers’ comp law.  Workers’ compensation, for most law offices, is a high volume business.  Comp legal fees are not particularly high, unlike some other types of injury cases.  Consequently, attorneys who concentrate in workers’ compensation, handle a high volume of cases.  Therefore, staff members will play a part in your workers’ comp case.  The more they are knowledgeable, the better.

Estimate the Value of a Delaware Workers’ Compensation Claim

A good workers’ compensation lawyer in Delaware should be able to provide a rough estimate of the value of a workers’ compensation claim in Delaware.  The reason this marks a good lawyer is because the more familiar the attorney is with Delaware workers’ comp, the more they understand a case without it playing out.  The more similar cases they have had, the better the results they will likely obtain for you.

However, always remember that an estimate of a workers’ compensation claim is just that – an estimate.  The specifics can vary widely, based on many factors.  For example, the other side might contest liability, saying the injury was not work related.  Furthermore, the seriousness of the injury can be disputed.  There are many reasons why an estimate of value is rough.

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