Florida Workers’ Compensation

The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation serves to watch over the workers’ compensation system in Florida and ensure that it functions properly.  They do not pay claims, they administer the system.  Their website provides comprehensive resources for both learning about claims as an injured worker, and resources for claims already in progress.  For example, an injured worker in FL might ask – How long do I have to file my claim for workers’ compensation benefits?  Right there on the FL Division of Workers’ Compensation website is the answer: 30 days.  In fact, FL, and the Department of Financial Services, is one of the more tech savvy states.  The website can be found here.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A competent and qualified Florida workers’ comp lawyer should understand medical benefits, lost wages benefits,  permanent disability, death benefits, and vocational rehab.  They should feel comfortable with the process.  They should be polite, considerate and professional, and their staff should be as well.

Estimate the Value of a Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim

A good workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida should be able to provide a rough estimate of the value of a workers’ comp claim in Florida.  The reason this marks a good lawyer is because the more familiar the attorney is with Florida workers’ comp, the more they understand a case without having to actually move it through the process.  The more similar cases they have had, the better the results they will likely obtain for you.

However, always remember that an estimate of a workers’ compensation claim is just that – an estimate.  The specifics can vary widely, based on many factors.  For example, the other side might contest liability, saying the injury was not work related.  Furthermore, the seriousness of the injury can be disputed.  There are many reasons why an estimate of value is rough.

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