Indiana Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp in Indiana is administered by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana.  The office is located in Indianapolis.  Comp benefits in Indiana are designed to cover medical bills, replace lost wages from missed work, and compensate the injured worker if he or she is unable to be restored to pre-injury status.  Even if the injured worker is only a little worse off after the injury, that deserves compensation.

Estimate the Value of Workers’ Comp Benefits in Indiana

Replacement of lost wages for temporary total disability (TTD) is compensated at a rate of 2/3 of the injured workers’ average weekly wage.  AWW is calculated by averaging the previous 52 weeks of pay.  The maximum TTD comp is $600 per week.  The benefits are not taxable.  Medical benefits are available to injured workers in Indiana.  However, medical benefits are directed by the employer.  See your Indiana workers’ comp attorney to see how this works in practicality and see how it may benefit you.

Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI) is Indiana’s version of what most states call permanent partial disability.  In order to compensate a worker who will never be fully healthy from the workplace injury, employers or insurers pay benefits in the form of a certain number of weeks of compensation.

IN Workers’ Comp Lawyers Estimate IN Comp Benefits

Good Indiana workers’ comp lawyers and law firms have the ability to estimate the value of an Indiana workers’ comp claim.  With experience comes an innate understanding of the approximate value of a case.  Of course, no two cases are the exact same, but similar cases yield similar results.  Do not let the workers’ comp insurance company suggest you should not get a lawyer.  Almost without exception, a good Indiana workers’ comp lawyer is needed in workers’ comp cases.  Your recovery will be higher in most situations.

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