Kentucky Workers’ Compensation

The State Agency

In Kentucky, the Department of Workers’ Claims is the state agency working administer claims, benefits, insurance, and the law.  Click Kentucky Workers’ Compensation for the state agency’s website.  The leader of the state agency for Kentucky workers’ comp is Dwight Lovan.  He works closely with the governor and with private industry to ensure that Kentucky workers’ compensation is handled smoothly.

Handling Claims

If you have a KY workers’ comp claim, you can get more information on this claims assignment page.  Ultimately, we recommend a plaintiff’s attorney as early as possible in the work injury process.

Hearing Locations

Hearings are held in multiple locations throughout Kentucky.  Hearing locations include Ashland, Bowling Green, Florence, Frankfort, Hazard, Lexington, London, Louisville, Madisonville, Owensboro, Paducah, Pikeville, and Pineville.  For specific address, please reference the KY comp hearings page.

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Differences in Law

Workers’ Compensation law varies in each state.  There are slight differences in compensation based on temporary total disability and permanent partial disability, as well as other differences.  We are Maryland comp lawyers.  We cannot speak to the laws in Kentucky.  However, you are more than welcome to fill out our workers’ comp calculator and pretend for a moment that you were entitled to Maryland workers’ compensation.  It provides a rough estimate of the value of a workers’ comp claim in MD.

The Calculator

Our workers’ compensation calculator uses an algorithm we designed based on our experience working with workers’ compensation laws and workers’ comp claimants.  It’s only intended to provide a rough estimate.  It does allow you to ask for a good workers’ comp attorney to contact you.  If you are in KY, please feel free to make this selection anyway.  We will attempt to find you a good comp attorney.

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The best workers’ compensation lawyers in Kentucky should be able to estimate the value of your workers’ compensation claim.  It will only be a rough estimate, of course, but it does provide a good indication that they know all of the relevant factors.  If you need help finding a good comp lawyer in KY, please fill out our calculator and we will try to help.

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