Louisiana Workers’ Compensation

In the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Workforce Commission acts on behalf of the state, handling workers’ compensation and related laws and benefits. It’s comprised of a five-person executive council and 16-person advisory council that meet at least monthly to review claims and go over procedures related to workers’ compensation. The Commission’s goal is to work with the state government and ensure that things run smoothly in the department. For more information, click here. To learn about all of the benefits you may be entitled to as an injured worker, click here. And finally, for a list of frequently asked questions – for those of you who may have never had to deal with this before – click here.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Calculator

The law, as it pertains to workers’ compensation and benefits and rights, varies on a state-by-state basis.  Although we are compensation lawyers representing those in the state of Maryland, and can’t speak to Louisiana or other states, feel free to check out our calculator.  It gives rough estimates of the value of comp claims in MD.   The calculator provides a rough estimate based on Maryland workers’ compensation, from Maryland comp lawyers.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

In some situations, you may choose to hire a lawyer to fight your workers’ compensation battle for you.  We certainly recommend this course of action.  If you travel this route, you’re going to want to be critical of who you choose. The best Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyers have a wealth of experience fighting such cases as well as a track record of success to prove it.  Such lawyers should know the ins and outs of workers’ comp law as well as the loopholes and where they might be able to argue successfully in their client’s advantage.  One way to judge a comp attorney in Louisiana is to ask him, “How much am I entitled to?”  The answer should never be exact.  A range is appropriate, but what makes up that number should be well known.

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