Maine Workers’ Compensation

The State Workers’ Compensation Board and Its Mission

The Maine Workers’ Compensation Board’s mission “is to serve the employees and employers of the state [of Maine] failrly and expecitiously,” according to the Maine Workers’ Compensation Board’s website, and “to quickly examine claims while remaining in compliance with the workers’ compensation laws.” The Board also works to provide prompt payment of benefits legally due to claimants, proactively prevent disputes when possible and provide dispute resolution resources to help avoid costly litigation.

Handling Claims

The claims system is set under a “case management” style system where one specific claim manager processes a file from the start of the process until the end in order to maintain a flow in the case. Everyone from the claims administrators, insurance carriers and self-insured employers reap the benefits of having one central contact.

Hearing Locations

Hearings are held at several locations throughout Maine including Augusta, Bangor, Caribou, Lewiston and Portland. For specific regional office locations, please visit the ME regional offices page.

Maine Workers’ Compensation Calculator

The Calculator

The Maine Workers’ Compensation calculator works in the following sequence:

  1. The experience modification factor is added to the manual premium to begin the calculation.
  2. Schedule rating credits and other deductible credits are added to the premium, resulting in the standard premium.
  3. The Board makes an assessment that is applied to original calculation result.
  4. If there are premium discounts, they are applied to the calculation result.

The best strategy for injured employees is to seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer to help understand the calculations.  Our workers compensation calculator works for the laws of the state of Maryland.  Because we are MD comp lawyers, we cannot speak to the differences in workers comp laws between MD and ME.

Maine Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Maine should be able to easily be able to read through claims and help to estimate the value of an employee’s claim. It’s our advice that injured employees in Maine should seek the services of a lawyer who knows the workers’ compensation system in Maine.  If you would like assistance to find a Maine workers comp lawyer, please complete this form.

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