Mississippi Workers’ Compensation

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Info

To apply for worker’s compensation in Mississippi, you must apply at the Worker’s Compensation Commission. The Worker’s Compensation Commission also has a web site where you can find more information including downloading forms and reading about procedure.

Recommendation and the Mississippi Manual

We recommend retaining a plaintiff’s attorney as soon as possible to help you with your claim. Certain injuries must be reported. The Worker’s Compensation manual tells you which injuries must be reported, and shows you which forms to use. To file a claim, you must file within a specific amount of time. You can file via U.S. Mail, electronically (with permission from the Agency) or in person.

Waiting Period

Mississippi has a mandatory waiting period. As of 2012, an employee must wait five days after the disability before he or she can collect benefits. If the employee has at least 14 days of disability, the claim is paid retroactive to the first day of disability.

Mississippi Workers Compensation Calculator

Mississippi pays disability benefits in two ways: Temporary and permanent. The disability benefits are figured using a percentage of the injured employee’s average weekly pay rate. The rate is subject to minimum and maximum limits. The minimum and maximum limits may change from year to year.

Additional Requirements

Once the rate is determined, the Worker’s Compensation Commission has additional requirements1, including how long the employee worked for the current employer, the employee’s time off and when payments should start.

Since we are Maryland worker’s compensation lawyers, we can not determine what you would get paid in Mississippi, but you can still enter a sample claim into the calculator to see an approximate amount, if you so choose.  Just know the amount will not be accurate, you need a MS comp lawyer for a proper estimate.

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The best Worker’s Compensation lawyers in Mississippi should be able to estimate your claim. While the lawyers won’t be able to tell you exactly how much your claim is and how much you will be getting weekly, the lawyers can give you a rough estimate that is close to what you will actually receive for your disability claim.


1 Section II: Processing the Claim

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