Nevada Workers Comp

Department of Business and Industry

In the state of Nevada, workers’ compensation claims are handled by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. The department’s activities include the regulation of business and industry, the promotion of workers’ safety, the development of economic growth in the state, as well as the education of workers on their rights under Nevada Law. One page of the Department’s website is dedicated to answering the questions of injured workers.

Where to file

While you can file a workers’ compensation form in person or through the mail, the easiest way is to use the Internet. The Nevada Department of Business and Industry has all the appropriate forms available on its site.

Don’t delay

According to Nevada State law NRS616C.050, you must notify your employer in writing within seven days of a disabling accident or illness. If you have been injured, don’t let this deadline pass. Doing so could limit your rights to compensation.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Each claim is different

In Nevada, the amount of compensation a worker can expect is based on many variable factors. The state divides injuries — both actual physical injuries and diseases that are directly attributable to a worker’s occupational setting — into four categories depending on whether the injury was permanent or temporary as well as whether it was totally disabling or only partially disabling. All of these factors will be weighed in figuring the amount of compensation an injured worker is due. A complete explanation of these terms and others can be found on their website.

The calculator

While many factors can change the amount of a workers’ compensation benefit, it can be helpful if an injured worker has a rough idea of what kind of compensation to expect from their claim.  While we based our calculator on the laws of the State of Maryland, not Nevada, it can give you a rough idea of what to expect from your claim if the claim was in MD.  We designed the algorithm of our calculator based on our extensive experience with workers’ compensation laws and claims.  Please remember, it can only give you a rough estimate of your expected claim settlement.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you have a serious injury and are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Nevada, it will almost certainly be a good idea to hire an attorney.  An attorney, whether a Law Vegas workers’ compensation attorney, or another part of the state, can advise you of your rights and obligations when filing a claim. If you don’t already have a lawyer, you can use our compensation calculator to request that we put you in touch with one.

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