North Carolina Workers’ Compensation

The State Agency

All workers’ compensation business in North Carolina is monitored and regulated by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. North Carolina law mandates that all employers must carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, unless they employ fewer than three individuals.

Filing a Claim

All workers’ compensation claims filed in North Carolina must be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. To learn more about the regulations governing workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina, navigate to Industrial Commission’s frequently asked questions webpage. In all situations, we advise you to retain an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you are aware of your need for workers’ compensation.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Calculator

North Carolina Law

Each state is responsible for determining its own laws and regulations with regard to workers’ compensation. Because we are Maryland workers compensation lawyers, we are unable to advise you on the specifics of North Carolina workers’ compensation law. The amount you will receive for your claim in North Carolina will also differ from the amount you would have received for the same claim in Maryland. However, the workers’ compensation calculator on our website is still available for your use if you would like to find a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney.

Our Workers’ Compensation Calculator

The calculator we provide on our website calculates the approximate value of your workers’ compensation claim using an algorithm we developed specifically based on Maryland cases. When you use our calculator to estimate your claim, you will also be asked if you would like to receive follow-up communication from a workers’ compensation attorney. Whether or not your claim will be filed in Maryland, feel free to make this selection, and we will do our best to find an attorney who practices in your state.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers can give your more information about the value of your claim, as well as the claims process.

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