North Dakota Workers’ Compensation

ND’s Workers Comp Website

The North Dakota insurance division has developed a website for assistance with worker compensation needs.  The state website allows you to file a claim, pay an account, and apply for the insurance and many other things.  To assure the best result in the comp insurance claim process, we recommend you use the services of a workers’ compensation attorney in North Dakota.

North Dakota’s workers compensation website is setup in such a way so that you have the tools you need to accomplish your claims and insurance goals. The website is broken into sections for employers, employees and medical professionals. You are also able to contact the state insurance division by email or by phone to get the help you need.

The state of North Dakota has determined that all corporations provide an insurance plan designed to cover workers in the event that they are injured or disabled while on the job. Workers compensation provides a monetary benefit for those who have put their substance into the job.

North Dakota Workers Compensation Calculator

We know of no workers’ compensation calculator specific to North Dakota.  Our calculator is for Maryland workers compensation law.  It can assist you in figuring out what your benefits would be if you had your comp claim in Maryland.  You may use our calculator, despite the fact you may not rely on it for a definite workers comp estimate.  If you select to find a lawyer, we will attempt to find a North Dakota workers’ comp lawyer for you.  We cannot guarantee our ability to do so, however.

North Dakota Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ compensation lawyers in the state of North Dakota should be able to give you the estimate of the value of the claim.  Their estimate should be able to provide a good picture of what to expect when the payments start.  Of course, they will also stay with to actually receive the comp benefits.  To find a lawyer to help you with your claim, simply start by filling out our calculator and then request that a lawyer contact you.

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