Ohio Workers’ Compensation

Compensation claims in the state of Ohio are handled by the Bureau of Workers Compensation based in Columbus Ohio.  The state has established a fund designed and run by the state to handle and administer workers’ compensation claims.  The website allows you to file a claim, view documents related to the claim, apply for coverage, pay your premium and get online support when needed.  It’s not terribly difficult to file a workers’ comp claim without a comp attorney.  Nevertheless, in order to obtain maximum benefits, the best course of action is usually to hire the best workers’ compensation lawyers you can find.

Ohio Workers Compensation Calculator

Workers’ compensation laws are important to understand.  Different types of injuries yield vastly different compensation results.  If you need to estimate what kind of benefit you might receive, a workers’ comp calculator can be helpful.  Our calculator calculates benefits if the injury and resulting comp case, were in the State of Maryland.  You may enter your information, but you may not rely on the results for Ohio or any state other than MD.  Even in MD, the results of the calculator are only meant to provide a rough estimate of the value of the claim.

Ohio Worker’ Compensation Lawyers

Ohio compensation Lawyers should be qualified professionals ready to help injured workers with their claims.  The laws are difficult to understand for the average person off the street. If you find you have a claim, it’s likely to your benefit to hire a compensation attorney for assistance.  The lawyers can assist in filing correct paperwork on time.  The lawyer should also be able to estimate what kind of benefits you may be entitled to receive from your employer.  If you would like, you may put your information into our calculator and we can attempt to find you a good Ohio workers’ comp attorney.

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