Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp in Pennsylvania is handled by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, an office within the Department of Labor and Industry.  The main office is in Harrisburg.  Workers’ comp claims throughout PA – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, York, Reading, Bethlehem, Allentown – are filed online.  There are generally comp lawyers serving each locale.  Some PA comp lawyers and law firms operate throughout the entire state.  As for the law, the complete workers’ comp act in PA can be found here.

Estimate the Value of a PA Workers’ Comp Claim

Payments to injured workers in PA are broken up into lost wage payments and disability payments.  Lost wages are equal to 2/3 of the injured workers’ average weekly wage, up to a maximum, set each year by Pennsylvania. You cannot get benefits for the first seven lost days, unless you miss more than 14 days.

Disability payments are broken up into partial disability and total disability.  Total disability payments can go for up to 104 weeks.  Partial disability can mean up to 500 compensable weeks, depending on a variety of factors.  Specific loss benefits are available for the hand, arm, forearm, leg, foot, knee, eye, thumb, fingers, toes, and hearing.  There is a schedule for specific loss injuries and corresponding compensation.

Occupational diseases are compensable under PA workers’ compensation.  The amounts vary considerably depending upon the condition.  Asbestos exposed and mesothelioma conditions usually have certain requirements.  The best way to get a good estimate of a PA workers’ comp claim for occupational diseases is to speak to an experienced PA comp attorney.  Good workers’ compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania have the experience to estimate the value of all kinds of workers’ comp claim in PA.  The reason is experience and knowledge.

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