South Carolina Workers’ Compensation

South Carolina State Agency

In South Carolina, workers’ compensation is regulated by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. South Carolina mandates workers’ compensation insurance for all employers with more than four employees on payroll (as of May, 2012). Workers’ compensation insurance is optional for employers with less than four employees. Employers can opt for self-insurance, but self-insured employers must meet certain guidelines.

Filing Claims in South Carolina

All workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina are monitored by the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Claims Department. To learn more about filing a claim in this state, visit the Claims Department’s webpage.  Regardless of your claim, we recommend retaining an attorney as soon as you are aware of your injury.

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Calculator

State Law Variations

Each state, including South Carolina, is responsible for determining its own workers’ compensation laws. For this reason, the laws in each state can vary considerably. For example, the amount of money you would be awarded in Maryland for a temporary total disability won’t be equal to the amount you would be awarded in South Carolina. There are other differences as well. Because we practice primarily in Maryland, it isn’t possible for us to advise you on South Carolina workers’ compensation law. However, you are still welcome to use our workers’ compensation calculator to estimate the value of your claim under Maryland regulations.

Our Calculator

We designed our calculator’s algorithm based on our past experiences with workers’ compensation claims in Maryland.  (We are Maryland workers’ comp lawyers.)  Using the calculator will provide you with a rough estimate of the value of your workers’ compensation claim if it were filed in Maryland.  The calculator will also ask you if you would like to speak with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.   Even if you are located in South Carolina, feel free to make this selection, and we will do our best to find a skilled attorney in your area.

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A workers’ compensation attorney practicing in South Carolina will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the value of your claim.  If you would like help selecting a good workers’ compensation lawyer in your area, please contact us for assistance or fill out the calculator.

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