Tennessee Workers’ Compensation

Tennessee State Agency

In Tennessee, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development regulates workers’ compensation for all employers in the state. Workers’ compensation insurance coverage is compulsory for employers in the state of Tennessee. However, employers with less than five workers can opt out of coverage, unless they work in the construction industry.

Filing a Claim

If you plan to file a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Tennessee, consider retaining an appropriate attorney early in the claims process. You can learn more about the claims process in Tennessee by visiting the frequently asked questions page on the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s website.

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Tennessee Workers’ Comp Law

Under Tennessee workers’ compensation law, you will receive a specific amount of compensation based on the level of your disability. However, these figures vary slightly by state, so the amount you receive will be different from the value you would be entitled to receive under Maryland law. We are Maryland workers’ comp lawyers, so we can’t give specific advice for claims to be filed in the state of Tennessee. However, you can still use our workers’ compensation calculator if you’d like.

The Workers’ Compensation Calculator

We designed our workers’ compensation to provide a rough estimation of the value of workers’ compensation claims filed in the state of Maryland. The calculator works using an algorithm we developed using our experience with workers’ compensation cases in our state. During the process, you will have the option to request follow-up contact from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Even if you aren’t filing your claim in Maryland, our team will attempt to find an attorney for you.

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A workers’ compensation attorney licensed to practice in Tennessee can provide a more detailed analysis of your case. If you need help contacting such an attorney, you can request assistance from us using the calculator.  We will put you in contact with an attorney in your area.

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