Texas Workers’ Compensation

The state of Texas workers’ compensation program takes care of workers who have been injured on the job.  It’s generally in the best interests of employers to carry a workers’ compensation insurance policy.  Workers’ compensation pays for the injuries and lost wages of an employee.  Medical bills and time lost from work can add up quickly.

The state of Texas has setup a website to give employers and employees information about how the programs work.  On the website, consumers can find all the information needed to make an informed decision about their benefits.  You can find the rules and regulations on this site to help with filing claims.

Texas Workers Compensation Calculator

The state laws in Texas regarding workers’ compensation are different than other states.  By definition, different states have different comp laws, since comp is regulated at the state level.  Our workers comp calculator is under the laws of Maryland.  You may use it if you are in Texas, but you may not rely on the results it gives for an accurate estimate of your TX comp claim.  Even in Maryland the estimate is only rough.

Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation can be a difficult process.  A good Texas comp lawyer knows his (or her) business.  The Lawyer should be able to answer all fo your questions, represent you at hearings and in court and estimate the value of your claim.  We cannot give you more information, as we are Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers.  If you enter your information into our workers’ compensation calculator, we will attempt to find you a workers compensation lawyer.  We cannot make any promises, but we will try.


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