Utah Workers’ Compensation

The Labor Commission

In Utah, the claims of injured workers are evaluated by the Utah State Labor Commission. The Commission also oversees other labor-related issues such as employment discrimination, child labor, workplace safety and community relations. Visit the Commission’s homepage for more information.

Employers Must be Insured

With very few exceptions, every employer in the State of Utah is required to carry industrial insurance, also know as Workers’ Comp.  The insurance premiums paid by employers cover the medical expenses and lost wages of employees who are injured while working or who become ill because of the workplace environment.  Because Utah’s workers’ compensation insurance is “no fault,” proof of liability on the part of the employer or employee is not required to file a claim.  For a step-by-step explanation of the filing process, click here.

Utah Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Guide to Utah Law

Every state has different laws that affect the amount of compensation an injured worker is entitled to.  Because the process is so complex, the Utah Labor Commission has published several handbooks explaining it.  Handbooks include one for employers, one for workers, one that explains the appeals process if a case is denied, and one that covers the death benefits portion of workers’ compensation. The guidebooks can be read online or downloaded here.

Calculate Your Benefits

No matter where you are in the comp claim process,having some idea of the amount of your possible benefit can be useful. We have designed a compensation calculator based on years of experience with injured workers and their workers’ compensation cases.  Please know the calculator is based on the laws of the State of Maryland, not Utah.  Therefore, the estimate of compensation will be calculated as if your claim was being filed in Maryland.

Utah Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

While Utah has a procedure for individual injured workers to file a claim, it can be a very confusing process.  We recommend using a workers compensation lawyer.  If you would like us to put you in touch with a lawyer in Utah, you can make that request while using our compensation calculator.

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