Virginia Workers’ Compensation

The State Agency

In the state of Virginia, all workers’ compensation is managed by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. This agency administers benefits, handles claims and regulates insurance requirements for employers. Employers in the state of Virginia are required to invest in workers’ compensation coverage unless they employ three or fewer workers.

Filing a Claim

All claims in Virginia must be filed with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. To learn more about your rights during the claims process, speak to a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer.  Regardless of your situation, we strongly recommend seeking legal counsel early in the claims process.

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Virginia Law

Each state publishes different laws with regard to workers’ compensation. When you file a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Virginia, the claim will be handled differently than it would be handled in Maryland. We are Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers, so we cannot give you specific information about the value of a claim you will file in Virginia. Being so close, however, we know a ton a good Virginia workers comp lawyers.  You are welcome to use the workers’ compensation calculator we have created in order to get a rough idea of the worth of your claim. This calculator will determine the approximate value of your claim based on the information you provide and Maryland law.

The Calculator

Our calculator works by using an algorithm we developed based on the experiences we have had with past workers’ compensation claims in our state. The calculator is intended to provide a rough approximation only, and the value it calculates is by no means a guarantee of what you will receive. During the process, the calculator will ask you if you would like a workers’ compensation attorney to contact you. Even if you aren’t in Maryland, feel free to make this election, and we will find a good attorney in your area.

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

A workers’ compensation lawyer working in Virginia can provide you with more accurate details about your claim and its estimated value. If you need help finding a lawyer in your area, use our contact form to request assistance.

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