West Virginia Workers’ Compensation

Private Agencies

In January of 2006, West Virginia abolished their state managed workers’ compensation program and transferred all coverage to a private insurer known as BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company. BrickStreet currently provides workers’ compensation coverage for all West Virginia employers. However, a recent development, other private insurers will be allowed to offer coverage to employers who wish to change providers. All businesses with more than three employees must invest in workers’ compensation coverage, with the exception of agriculture businesses.

West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Calculator

West Virginia Law

The exact amounts of coverage you can expect to receive in West Virginia for permanent partial disability and temporary total disability are different from the amounts generally available in Maryland. Because our workers’ compensation practice is based in Maryland, we cannot provide value estimates specific to claims filed in West Virginia. However, you can still use our workers’ compensation calculator.  The calculator will provide you with an estimate of the amount your claim would be worth if you were filing in the state of Maryland.

Our Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Our workers’ compensation calculator provides a free approximation of the value of a workers’ compensation claim based on Maryland laws and our past experiences with workers’ comp claimants. The estimate is rough, even for Maryland. However, the process takes only a few minutes to complete and the approximation is free. The calculator will also ask you if you want to receive follow-up communication from a good workers’ compensation attorney. If you are located in West Virginia, you can still make this election and we will do what we can to find you a competent attorney in your location.

West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Though you can obtain a rough estimate of the value of your West Virginia workers’ compensation claim using our calculator, an attorney familiar with West Virginia law can give you a more accurate idea of your claim’s worth. If you don’t know how to find an attorney in your area, you can contact us through our calculator.


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