Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation

The state of Wisconsin has determined they will mandate all companies provide for their employees a workers’ compensation insurance policy.  The Wisconsin division of insurance takes care of running the program so all workers who are injured on the job have benefits to help them through the tough period after being injured on the job.

The state of Wisconsin has set in place a website designed to help employers and employees with workers compensation.  Generally, workers’ compensation insurance policies are designed to protect the injured workers from financial ruin.  Unable to generate income can quickly lead to serious financial trouble.  For instance, it is said that nearly half of Americans are one financial problem away from poverty.

Workers’ compensation puts a halt to the process of financial ruin.  A workers’ compensation lawyer can be your best advocate during this period.

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Calculator

Anyone seeking to determine the kind of comp benefits for which they might be eligible, might try to find a workers compensation calculator.  Our calculator works with the laws of the state of Maryland.  It factors in how serious the injury is, how much time will be missed from work, and the nature of the injury.  This, and more, is needed to estimate the value of a comp claim.  Please be advised, our calculator was designed for Maryland, if you attempt to estimate Wisconsin workers’ compensation benefits, the estimates might not be accurate.

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Wisconsin worker compensation lawyers should be able to answer questions you have about workers’ compensation.  They also negotiate on your behalf and represent you in hearings and in court.  We are Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers and, therefore, cannot represent you.  However, if you enter your information into our calculator, we will attempt to find you a good Wisconsin comp lawyer.  We cannot, however, make any promises in this regard.

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