Who is Gallagher Bassett?

Gallagher Bassett is a third-party administrator (TPA) that handles workers’ compensation claims for several thousand employers around the world. Companies hire Gallagher Bassett to manage and minimize what they must pay out on workers’ compensation claims.

As a TPA, Gallagher Basset manages claims, information and medical costs, and provides consultation services on behalf of their clients. Gallagher Bassett is not a neutral third party. Your company hires Gallagher Bassett to protect itself when you file a claim for an on-the-job injury.

Gallagher Bassett is similar to an insurance adjuster, in that they process all the paperwork and documentation involved with a claim, and seek to settle with the injured party in a way that best protects their client.

What does Gallagher Bassett do?

Gallagher Bassett contracts with employers to be the administrator on all claims made for on-the-job injuries. If you are hurt on the job, you must submit a claim to get compensation for your medical bills or lost wages. If your employer has contracted with Gallagher Bassett, that claim is handed over and a claims adjuster at Gallagher Bassett is responsible for managing the medical care and pay outs associated with your case.

The Gallagher Bassett claims adjuster’s job is to control costs and settle claims aggressively. They use powerful resources to protect their clients, including field investigations, litigation management, and negotiating techniques. They also use centralized administration, quality control programs, and nationwide performance standards to reduce costs and protect clients from claims by their employees.

In addition, Gallagher Bassett minimizes costs by working with health care provider networks. Depending on the service package chosen by your employer, Gallagher Bassett adjusters dictate what health professionals you can see and what, if any, surgeries, physical therapy or prescription medication you receive.

Gallagher Bassett has more than 100 offices and a staff of 4,200 located in branches around the world. If you are dealing with Gallagher Bassett and do not have an attorney, please get one. Gallagher Bassett is a large company with significant resources and powerful cost management strategies. Their priority is to protect their client – the employer – not the injured worker.

What do I do if I have been injured and my employer uses Gallagher Bassett?

If Gallagher Bassett is your employer’s TPA for workers’ compensation claims, you must first contact your employer to get the phone number, claim number and contact information of your individual claims adjuster. Your claim is assigned a claim number that you need in order to locate your claim.

Gallagher Bassett has a location in Columbia, Maryland. The general phone number for that office is (410) 910-7100. It is best to speak with your lawyer before contacting Gallagher Bassett to discuss your claim.

If you are not dealing with an attorney, general correspondence may be faxed to (410) 992-9087 or mailed to: P.O. Box 2007, Columbia, MD 21045.

Remember to keep a written copy of all correspondence for your records.

What if Gallagher Bassett denied my claim?

GET A LAWYER!  The Workers’ Compensation Commission decides who gets treatment, not Gallagher Bassett.  They are not entitled to deny you benefits or treatment and have it be binding.

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