IWIF – The Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund – is the largest workers’ compensation insurer in the State of Maryland.

IWIF, according to statute, is the “insurer of last resort.”  They have to insure businesses who aren’t otherwise insurable.  It is subsidized, to some degree, by the State of Maryland because of its status.  Before 1990, IWIF was called the State Accident Fund.

In 2009, IWIF reported 24,750 paid claims for injured workers.  They paid out over $178 million in benefits during that period.  It has over $1 billion in reserve funds to pay out claims.

IWIF Forms

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to notify IWIF of an injury at work.  When you file with the workers’ compensation commission, you are notifying IWIF as well.  Therefore, you do not need to concern yourself immediately with IWIF Forms.

Claims Against IWIF

IWIF states they try to contact injured workers and employers within 48 hours of the accident or injury.  Remember, you are talking to the insurance company.  Though it may be you who is going to receive workers comp benefits, it is they who will be paying them.  Where do you think there vested interest is?

For workers’ comp claims against IWIF, it is best to contact a workers’ compensation attorney.  Insurance companies, of which IWIF is certainly one, have lawyers.  You should have a well versed workers’ compensation lawyer too.  Our advice is don’t contact IWIF directly and don’t deal directly with the adjusters at IWIF.  (The comp claim is technically against the employer to whom IWIF wrote a workers’ compensation insurance policy.)

IWIF payments are made on a schedule according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

If you would like to get a rough estimate of the value of your claim against your employer and IWIF, please use our workers’ compensation benefits calculator.

IWIF Contact Info

8722 Loch Raven Blvd.

Towson, MD 21286

IWIF PHONE # – 410-494-2000  IWIF FAX # – 410-494-2001 (various IWIF Fax #’s depending on forms or department)


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