RCM&D is an insurance firm that was established in Baltimore, Maryland.  The company works with employers in workers’ compensation, among other insurance categories, to decrease the amount the employer pays out in claims.  For example, RCMD’s website (in July 2012) says, “our claims and risk control professionals work with clients to manage the program and reduce claim costs.”

First, as a consultant, the company operates in a preventative capacity by analyzing an employer’s business and designing programs to reduce both the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims.  With its extensive knowledge of the industry combined with the claims history, the company collaborates with the employer to design unique programs which reduce exposure to workers’ compensation claims.

Second, the company operates in a damage control capacity by assisting with claims.  To assist, the company employs adjusters and rcm&d nurse case managers.  The company works to aggressively adjust workers’ compensation claims, minimizing both the employer’s liability and the duration of employee missed time to maximize profits and productivity.

In other words, they try to minimize how much you, the injured worker, gets paid.  They are part of the reason it’s best to seek a workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland.

SISCO, or Self Insured Services Company, is a subsidiary of RCM&D.  It works as a third party administrator for companies which are self-insured, providing claims management and consulting.  Claims management, in our opinion, could be deemed to be “claims minimization.”

On the one hand, RCM&D and SISCO empower the employer to make his business more profitable, as well as help to address safety concerns to minimize the number of claims filed in the first place.  On the other hand, it is not the companies’ policy to fight for the rights of the injured employee.

Their duty is, in fact, the opposite: to reduce the amount the employer must pay the injured employee.  They know the laws and are familiar with the medical practices for the purpose of providing their clients, the employers, reduced compensation to injured employees.  Do not attempt to negotiate your workers’ compensation claim with you employer without consulting an attorney.  Remember that these companies entire job is to reduce injured workers’ recovery, and they have had a long time to practice.  Ensure that you have someone on your side who can tackle these large insurance firms.

That’s where an experienced workers’ comp lawyer comes in.

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