Shoulder Injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries are relatively common amongst workplace injuries.  When you think about it, most lifting, reaching, hammering, cutting, etc involves the shoulder.  These injuries can be immensely painful.  The law recognizes how important shoulder injuries can be for an injured worker.  The shoulder injury is virtually the only injury where the average injury resulting in second tier, meaning the compensation is higher.

Common Shoulder Injuries

There are a few types of a common shoulder injury involving workers’ compensation.  Most include range of motion or movement, some include nerve issues and/or related body parts.

Range of Motion Impairment

Abduction can best be thought of us the ability to move your arm over your head, the way it would be if you were lifting something up onto a high shelf.  Adduction, on the other hand, is when you move your arm in front of your body, as if you were putting your hand over your heart for the Star Spangled Banner.

In addition, external and internal rotation come into play with workers’ compensation shoulder injuries.  If you held your arm out to the side and bend at the elbow, with your hand facing forward, you will be able to picture rotation.  When your hand moves up to the ceiling or down to the floor, you have rotation.

Peripheral Nerve Issues

Nerve issues relating to the elbow, back, neck, spine, or bicep can easily involve shoulder injuries.  It all depends on the type of injury.  Common names for shoulder injuries include impingement, rotator cuff injuries or rotator cuff tears, dislocated shoulders, frozen shoulder, instability, or other overuse or strains.

Enough Specifics, I can’t Move My Shoulder.  Immense Shoulder Pain!

We hear you.  Your workers comp lawyer needs to be able to understand shoulder issues and other workers’ comp injuries, such that the lawyer can explain those injuries to the Commission.  Leave it to the lawyer.  You call the attorney, then do what he says.  The lawyer takes care of the doctor, the Commission, your TTD award and your PPD award, if applicable.

How Much for a Shoulder Injury

Estimate of the Value of a Shoulder Comp Claim with our Maryland workers’ compensation calculator.  Make sure you check off shoulder injury so you know the compensation is as accurate as possible.  That said, the calculator provides only a rough estimate.  Please be aware of that.  We wish you the best in healing from your should injury.  If we may provide you with a lawyer for workers’ comp in Maryland, please request one via the calculator.

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