How much is a Work-Related Leg Injury Worth?

Leg injuries can really impact a person’s mobility and ability to function. In occupations where workers spend considerable amounts of time on their feet, a serious leg injury may even prevent even someone from returning to work in the same field.

Leg injuries can develop over time as a result of doing a repetitive activity, such as lifting heavy objects or prolonged standing at work. Workplace leg injuries can also be the result of a sudden, unexpected accident such as slipping and falling on wet office floors, severe burns from hot liquid spills in a restaurant kitchen, or falling from an elevated area such as a roof can also result in immediate damage to the legs.

According to the Comp Pinkbook, leg injuries were the fifth most common workplace injury in Maryland between January 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. During that period, there were 915 awards for leg injuries. The average award for a work-related leg injury was $16,558.

The three largest individual Permanent Partial Disability (“PPD”) awards for leg injuries were $267,120, $175,350, and $170,560. The employers in those cases were Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, 84 Lumber, and Olson Wire Products Company.

The three largest individual settlements for leg injuries were $215,000, $150,000, and $138,953. The employers in those cases were Lorton Contracting Company, Sun Healthcare Group, and Home Sales Company.

Leg injuries sometimes occur in conjunction with injuries to another body part. Common leg injury combinations include: Ankle or Ankle & Leg; Leg(s) + Lower Back; and Leg(s) + Knee(s). The following table shows common leg combination injury average awards:





Leg(s) only

915 awards



Ankle or Ankle & Leg

686 awards



Leg(s) + Lower Back

220 awards


9.57% leg(s)

11.55% lower back

Leg(s) + Knee(s)

77 awards


27.33% leg(s)

10.50% knee(s)


Numerous factors go into determining the value of a leg injury case. Our Maryland Workers’ Compensation Calculator can give you a rough estimate of the value of your work-related leg injury. Make sure you check off “leg injury” so you know the compensation is as accurate as possible. Keep in mind that the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Calculator provides only a rough estimate. No two workers’ comp cases are the same, just as no two leg injuries are the same.

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