What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation is an insurance program established by the State that requires employers with one or more employees to provide accidental injury coverage to their employees. Workers compensation covers an employee’s medical expenses, hospital bills and a partial income replacement, when the employee has an accidental injury that arose out of the course of employment. However, compensation is not unlimited; there are limits that are established by the Official Maryland Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Guide.

Comp Insurance Resources

MDCompLaw provides information about workers’ compensation insurance from a potential claimants point of view.  Workers’ compensation insurers in Maryland include IWIF, which is potentially going to be called Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Co., as well as a host of other private insurance providers.  Many employers self insure.  We don’t provide resources about where to get a policy, who must have a policy, and other employer related topics.  From an employers standpoint, Semmes or Franklin and Prokopik are good workers’ comp defense firms.  There are many excellent Maryland insurance brokers who can get you comp coverage as an employer.

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