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For lack of a better term, "Faking It."  When you avoid responsibility and continue obtaining comp benefits by either making up injury or pretending condition is worse than it is.  And a necessary reminder: Surveillance is always a possibility in workers comp cases.

Maryland Insurance Adminsitration (MIA)

The Maryland body governing all aspects of Insurance in Maryland.  This includes workers' compensation insurance.

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

Maximum Medical Improvement is the point at which your injury is no longer responding to treatment, you cannot improve any longer.  MMI comes after your course of treatment has been exhausted.  At the point of MMI, you will be entitled to a permanent disability award - either partial or total disability - if applicable.  See this article for a full and complete definition.

Maximum Reimbursement Allowable

(MRA) The amount payable to an authorized provider, unless subject to a private agreement to the contrary, calculated pursuant to workers’ compensation law for the provision of medical services and treatment rendered to an individual with a covered injury or disease.

Medical Fee Guide

The schedule of permissable payments for doctors and other health care professionals handling work related injuries and ailments.


The government health program.  Workers' Compensation has an impact on medicare.  Read more.


A type of carcinoma (cancer) of the lining of the lung, usually related to asbestos exposure.  Workers' compensation covers mesothelioma related cancer and death.  Our workers' compensation calculator does not cover mesothelioma.

Minor Disability

An injury that carries less than 75 weeks of compensation.


The process of reopening a claim with the Commission for the purpose of changing the amount of compensation awarded.  A claimant must file to reopen a claim within 5 years of the date of last compensation, or they are barred from reopening their case for modification.


The Maryland Workers' Compensation Educational Association.  An organization promotes education and communication among the workers' compensation community.

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