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An injury that occurs while on vacation is almost always not compensable, unless there was a specific instruction by the employer to perform work.  Injured workers often ask if they can be forced to take vacation time while out on a work related injury.  It's a situation of pay me now or pay me later.  If you are receiving workers comp benefits, and the employer requests you take vacation, you will use up vacation time, but you will be doubled paid.  You cannot lose vacation time merely because of an injury.  You can, however, lose your job.

Vision Loss

A compensable injury under workers' compensation.  Total loss of vision ("Occupational Blindness") is deemed to be a permanent total injury.  However, it is quite difficult to prove in most circumstances, unless the eyes were damaged in an obvious accident situation.

Vocational Assessment

The process of collecting and analyzing each of the economic, educational, legal, medical, social, and vocational circumstances of a disabled covered employee, including the present mental and physical ability of the covered employee to participate in vocational rehabilitation services. Also includes determining the appropriate vocational rehabilitation services reasonably necessary to return the disabled covered employee to suitable gainful employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The process of obtaining "suitable gainful employment" for the injured worker.  The employer must pay to get the employee to this status.  It usually includes anything necessary to get the employee back to the same earnings and same earning capacity.  For instance, a bakery worker who injures her knee and will never be able to perform that work again might be able to be trained for a computer job.


Vocational Rehab Counselor - The individual who assists you in skills training or whatever else is needed to attempt to get you to a place of suitable, gainful employment.

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