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In common workers' comp parlance, E/I stands for Employer/Insurer.  They are the counter party to a claimant.

Election Of Remedies

A choice that must be made by an injured worker when there is a third party involved in the injury.  If a worker settles a third party case or obtains a final verdict before filing for workers' compensation, the workers' compensation claim will be barred.

Emergency Hearing

A rare but permissable hearing on short notice before the WCC.  Generally only for determination of medical treatment or vocational rehabilitation.  Sometimes for issues relating to temporary total disability.


A person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation.


A person, business, or firm that provides employment to workers.

Employer's First Report

A form that must be filed by the Employer after they receive notice that an employee sustained a work-related accidental injury or occupational disease.  The two-year statute of limitations period does not begin to run until the day the employer files the Employer's First Report with the Commission.

Erie Insurance

A private workers' compensation insurance co. in MD.


When an employer causes an employee not to file a claim through unfair or fraudulent acts, an estoppel is said to be in play.  The employer has estopped the employee and the employee is now permitted to bring the claim even though deadlines or limitations may have passed.  Fraud or estoppel is heavily dependent upon the particular facts of the situation.  An attorney is the best person to tell you if you might have an estoppel claim.

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