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Casual Employee

Where the employment for one job cannot be characterized as permanent or periodically regular, but occurs by chance, or with the intention and understanding on the part of both employer and employee that is shall not be continuous, it is casual.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Damage or disturbance of nerve function that occurs when one of the nerve roots near the cervical vertebrae, neck bones, is compressed. The result is pain, weakness, or loss of sensation in the neck, arms or shoulders.  (Source: WebMD)  See full article on back injuries in workers' compensation.


Claimant Failed to Keep Medical Exam


Both the request for compensation via workers' comp benefits, as well as the entire process, from the initial form to the ending of the case.  The claim form begins the process.


The injured worker seeking compensation of workers' comp benefits.

COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment)

A cost of living adjustment (COLA) is an increase, set by statute, to the amount of compensation that an employee is entitled to receive if injured.  For example, every year, the Commission increases the State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) by implementing a COLA, which increases any permanent partial disability award that the claimant may be entitled to.  The COLA only applies to injuries that occur in that year, and does not apply to injuries sustained in prior years.


The money and benefits payable to the injured worker.

Compton Doctrine

When a claimant is found to be permanently and totally disabled from an accidental injury or occupational disease alone, even if there is some previous impairment, the employer/insurer is not automatically assured to defeat a claim of permanent total disability.

Consideration Date

After a claimant files a claim with the Commission, the insurer must file Issues before the Consideration Date.  If the insurer fails to file Issues before the Consideration Date, the Commission may make a determination as to whether the injury/occupation disease is work-related based on the evidence already in the file (i.e., the Employee's Claim Form).

Continental Indemnity

A workers' compensation insurance company doing business in the State of Maryland

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