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In permanent partial disability, a rating is the percentage of permanent impairment you have experienced.  For example, your doctor may say your back is 20% impaired forever as the result of a workplace injury.  The independent medical examiner might believe the back is 10% impaired.  The commission might give a rating of 15% impaired.  This number then corresponds to a number of weeks pay you will receive as compensation for the injury.

Regulation 10

Requires complete disclosure of all relevant medical information to the other parties on a regular basis and requires that the claimant provide medical authorization to other parties to obtain medical records.

Regulation 12

Requries that all medical evaluations be completed within 60 days of issue filing and that medical evaluations be provided to other parties five days before the date of a hearing.

Regulation 14

Requires a party to submit a Request for Hearing form (Issues), which clearly state what issues are to be raised.  Regulation 14 also requires that the claimant must prepare an exhibit which inclues all documents not previously filed with the Commission, which are relevant and necessary for the hearing issues.

Rehabilitation Practitioner

An individual who provides vocational rehabilitation services.


Parties may request a "rehearing" within 15 days after the award date on the grounds of error of law or newly discovered evidence.  The Commission may, but is not required to, grant a rehearing, when requested.


If an injury or condition gets worse (or better), the case may be reopened with the Workers' Compensation Commission.  This is under the exclusive domain of the WCC.  Cases must be reopened within five years from the last time benefits were paid.

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