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All earnings that are due to an employee for employment.  This includes a bonus, overtime pay, a share of profits, and if, at the time of hiring, an employer and employee set aside a dollar value for board or a similar advantage, the advantage.


The Workers' Compensation Commission

Weeks Of Compensation

The number that a % of AWW is multiplied by in order to get to the amount of permanent partial disability compensation.

Willful Misconduct

An act by an employee which prevents a recovery under workers' compensation.  A claimant's conduct needs to be a deliberate or intentional violation of company rules or policies and generally must be major.  Minor acts generally do not constitute willful misconduct.  Defer to your workers' compensation attorney for advice about what is or is not willful misconduct.  If the E/I has filed issues alleging willful misconduct, seek counsel immediately.

Workers' Comp Complaints

A term sometimes given to workers' compensation claims.  In Maryland, a complaint is something filed in court.  A comp claim is filed initially with the Workers' Compensation Commission.

Workers' Compensation Commission

The state agency which regulates workers' compensation.  In MD, it functions to hear cases and make decisions about those cases, as well as to process workers' comp claims.


A worsening of condition is grounds for the injured worker to file issues and have a case reopened by the WCC.  Worsening will be blocked in a case that was ended with a full and final settlement.  Worsening will also be blocked in a case where the last benefits paid were paid more than five years ago.

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