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Undisputed Workers' Compensation Claim

A claim in which all issues have been withdrawn, resolved by a decision of the Commission that is not appealed, or resolved on appeal.

Uninsured Employers' Fund

If an employer is uninsured, an injured employee can still get workers' compensation benefits via the uninsured employers' fund.  The employer can pay the benefits, so it is their refusal to pay which kicks in the uninsured employers fund.  The UEF is its own party in the action, and is represented by the Attorney General of Maryland.  It is not a good situation to need to get your benefits from the UEF, but it does not mean you will not be compensated.

Unisured Employer

An employee who fails to secure payment of compensation to the covered employees of the employer.  Read about the Uninsured Employers' Fund.

Unpaid Work Based Learning Experience

A program that provides a student with structured employer-supervised learning that occurs in the workplace, links with classroom instruction, is coordinated by a county board or private non-collegiate institution, and is conducted in accordance with the terms of an individual written work-based learning agreement between the county board of education or private non-collegiate institution placing a participating student and the employer of that participating student.

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