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Stands for Nature and Extent.  Related to an injury or injuries.  Often related to permanent partial disability.

Nature And Extent

To be compensable, an injury or illness must be die to a hazard inherent in the nature of the workers' employment generally.  The extent of the injury is calculated upon the principles of permanency.

Net Recovery

The amount of total recovery paid to the injured employee or injured employee's dependents, less court costs and counsel's (attorney's) fees.

No Fault

The workers' compensation system was created based on a "no fault" system of recovery.  Simply stated, an injured worker may recover even if the worker was negligent, because the Workers' Compensation Act does not assign fault to either party.


The act of informing the employer about your injury.  Notice can be done in any number of methods, such as written, oral, or constructive.  An example of constructive might be when your boss helps you into the ambulance.  She knew you were injured at work.  Click Notice in Workers' Comp for more information.

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