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Judicial Review

In workers' comp, decisions are made by the Workers' Compensation Commission.  If an attorney and/or client does not like the result, judicial review is often sought.  The first step is to go to trial court and, thereafter, the appellate courts.  Judicial review is the trial or appellate courts' authority to make rulings that are binding.


The Commissions ability to hear a case or the application of the Workers' Compensation Act to particular people and injuries.  For more information on jurisdiction, click here.

Jury Trial

In workers' compensation in Maryland, if you are unpleased with the WCC's decision, you may seek a jury trial.  Your workers' comp attorney will present the case to the jury and the jury will decide issues of the facts.  They will not decide how many weeks compensation the injured worker is entitled to.  This is sought via the petition for judicial review.

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