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Part Time

Employment that is not considered full-time.  If a claimant is injured while working a part time job, the wages received for that employment are used to calculate the average weekly wage, not the wages from both a full time and part time job.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

Benefits who sustain injuries that will never fully heal, even after maximum medical improvement.  Read Calculating PPD benefits in MD workers' comp for more.

Police Officers

Law enforcement and police officers are the most commonly injured workers.  Special presumptions and compensation exists for police officers.  More details: MD Public Safety Employees Workers' Comp


Under the law, presumptions are what the ruling court, agency or commission will assume unless the oppsing party proves otherwise.

Pro Se

A litigant or claimant representing his or her self.  The act of representing yourself.  "I didn't get a comp lawyer.  I'm going pro se."  Remember what they say, "A person who represents himself has an idiot for a lawyer and a fool for a client."  Get represented.


Permanent Total Disability. The type of disability that is defined as the inability to do work of any kind.

Public Records

All papers, correspondence, forms, books, photographs, Photostats, films, microfilms, sound recordings, maps, drawings, or other written documents, regardless of physical form or characteristics. Public records include all copies that have been made by the Commission or received by the Commission in connection with the transaction of public business and includes the salaries of all employees of the Commission.

Public Safety Employee

Someone who works in the field of public safety or rescue.  Examples in police officer, firefighter, or rescue worker.  Paramedics, sheriffs, and various other jobs may or may not qualify depending on the tasks.

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