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In The Course Of

Coupled with "Arising Out of", work related injuries must be "In the Course Of [Employment]" i order to receive workers compensation benefits.  "In the Course of" relates to the location and time of the injury.

Independent Contractors

An independent contractor is self employed, and responsible for his or her own workers' compensation.  However, if, under the law, this independent contractor should have technically been an employee, the entity who engaged the services of the would be independent contractor may be liable for workers' compensation.  An employer cannot get out of workers' compensation liability simply by declaring everyone an independent contractor.  Read MD Comp Law - Independent Contractors

Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Prior to receiving PPD benefits, a claimant must get an Independent Medical Exam or Independent Medical Evaluation.  (Either way, known as an IME.)  It has also been referred to as an Insurance Medical Exam.  The purpose of the examination is to have an "unbiased" opinion of the injuries, so the workers' compensation award is appropriate.  In reality, an IME generally serves to provide a lower rating of your injury.  Ideally, you should work with your attorney to get his or her opinion on the appropriateness and timing of the IME.


A company or business that offers workers' compensation insurance to employers.  The insurer is responsible for paying the claimant all workers' compensation benefits and medical benefits on behalf of the employer.

Interlocutory Orders

An order issued by the Commission which cannot be appealed.  Examples of interlocutory orders include orders permitting an amendment of a claim or allowing a claim to be scheduled for a hearing on the grounds that it was not barred by the statute of limitations.


Claims raised by either party contesting certain aspects of the case.  Generally, the insurer/employer will file Issues contesting causation or compensation.  The claimant will file Issues regarding permanency.  The filing of Issues with the Commission will cause a hearing to be scheduled to address any points of contention between the parties.


The Injured Workers' Insurance Fund.  Maryland's insurer of last resort.  The largest workers' comp insurance company.  It insures over 20% of all employers.  Read more about IWIF here.

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